We have released our Second single Vata.

We have released our second single Vata. The second single is named after the Ayurvedic Sanskrit word for the air element: Vata. The band’s pianist Dominic J Marshall notes that to him, the air element represents anxiety and pain, and that ‘Vata’ as a piece of music is about making friends with that huge icy fear and claiming it. You can hear this in his halting, haunting piano intro which feels like a descent into the deep gritty depths of fear but transforms into something beautiful and light: the track’s main motif. The abrupt introduction of Sam Gardner’s Hip Hop drum beats and Mulele Matondo’s heavy grooving bass line add another layer to ‘Vata’, instead of one man’s battle against fear it turns into a musical assault. The electronic element of the Devils Of Moko’s sound can be heard in the synth which mimics the piano motif, allowing the track to break out of conventional genre and soar upwards into its true uplifting sound. ‘Vata’ travels towards a crescendo, the beat picks up into drum and bass levels of wildness and there is a cathartic feeling of letting go.

Listen or buy from your favourite digital store - http://hyperurl.co/DevilsOfMoko